A Thinking Man Film Production

Directed & Produced By: Timothy P. Mahoney
Executive Producer: David Wessner
Co-Producers: Peter Windahl, Diane Walker
Narrated By: Kevin Sorbo
Live Event Producer: Spencer D. Proffer



Timothy P. Mahoney

Benjamin Netanyahu
Prime Minister of Israel

David Rohl
Egyptologist, Author

Shimon Peres
President of Israel

Israel Finkelstein
Archaeologist, Tel Aviv University

Norma Franklin
Archaeologist, University of Haifa

Michael Medved
Radio talk show host, Author

Rabbi David Wolpe
Rabbi, Public Speaker, Author

James K Hoffmeier
Egyptologist, Author

Mansour Boraik
Egyptologist, Director General of Antiquities – Luxor

Manfred Bietak
Egyptologist, University of Vienna

Kent Weeks
Egyptologist, Theban Mapping Project

Rabbi Manis Friedman
Rabbi, Biblical scholar, Author

Charles Aling
Egyptologist, University of Northwestern

Bryant Wood
Archaeologist, Associates for Biblical Research

John Bimson
PhD Tutor in Old Testament, Trinity College, Bristol

Rabbi David Hartman
Rabbi, Shalom Hartman Institute, Author

Maarten Raven
Egyptologist, Curator – Leiden Museum

Written by:
Timothy P. Mahoney
Steve Law

Edited by:
Chad S. Greene
Timothy P. Mahoney

Director of Photography:
Timothy P. Mahoney

Original Music:
Jonathan David Neal
Rob Barrett
David Rohl
Timothy P. Mahoney

Sound Design:
Tim Jaquette
Dylan Crane – Foley Artist
Tom Hambleton CAS
Chris Caesar
Tyler Jahr

Score Mixer:
Tim Jaquette
David Rohl

Re-recording Mixer:
Tim Jaquette
Tom Hambleton CAS

Audio Post Production Services Provided by:
Undertone Music – Minneapolis, MN

On-Line Editor:
Chad S. Greene

Assistant Editors:
Matthew Pankratz
Ryan Klabunde
Lindy Wilson
Peter Wagner

Writing & Content Advisors:
Stephen Meyer
Titus Kennedy
David Klinghoffer
Glen Fritz
David Rohl
Cristobal Krusen

Creative Consultants:
Bart Gavigan
Kevin O’Neill

Post Production Manager:
Christopher J. Ray

3D Animations & Visual Effects:
Vandegrift Renderings:
Dorian Vandegrift: animation supervisor
Clarence Olsen: technical specialist
Ulco Glimmerveen: background artist
Additional elements by:
Gideon Vandegrift, Doug Vandegrift

Map Animations:
Peter Wagner

2D Animations & Graphics:
Chad S. Greene
Matthew Pankratz
Jared Neher
Afterglow Studios
Vandegrift Renderings

Additional Animation:
Pocket Rocket:
Director Ben Pierre
Assistant Michael Pierre
Brandon Kachel
Jared Simeth
Zach Mandt

Title Sequence & Text Element Design:
Kevin O’Neill
Chad S. Greene


Location Production


Reenactment Producer:
Kim Dulas

Timothy P. Mahoney
John Burch

Roger Boller
Chris Rodgers
Luke Logan

Joe Birr
Todd Nielson

Still Photography:
Matt Pankratz
Joel Sheagren
John Burch

Production Assistants:
Kim Dulas
Jill Mahoney
Theresa Herbeck
Steve Law
Ian Aizman

Production Crew:
Milo Durben
Scott Jolstad
Venus Directions

Best Best Boy:
Michael Mahoney

Props & Costumes:
Alan Johnson
Daphne Jacobs
Guthrie Theater
Grace Church

Sets & Studios:
Mahoney Media Group, Inc.
Ice House
Aaron Stokes
CDP Sound
Broadview Media
Westwood Community Church
City of Minnetonka

Stand In:
Michael Dubbs

Location Sound Recording:
John C. Warner
Michael R. Severson
Tom Fortili
Timothy P. Mahoney

Makeup Artists:
Tessie Bundick
Sara Haymaker


LA Beach:
Kellen Ingram

Baby Moses Reenactment:
Brittany Trenary
Emily Chhun
Donna Carpenter
Benjamin Carpenter

Passover Scene:
Craig Aizman
Aarah Aizman
Ian Aizman
Chana Aizman
Sara Aizman
Marilyn Goldman
Wendy Berezovsky
Mike Berezovsky
Reuven Berezovsky
Eliana Berezovsky
Chaya Dalya Berezovsky

Miriam Lichtheim:
Doneetsa Anderson

Jericho Extras:
Ilan Sharon – Joshua
Baruch Katz – high priest
Ian Aizman – priest
Ari Dorfman – priest
Peter Windahl – priest
Steve Law – priest
Matt Pankratz – priest

Rahab & Spies:
Colleen Thompson – Rahab
Rick Anderson
Scott Gulsvig

Shechem Extras:
Ilan Sharon – Joshua
Baruch Katz – high priest
Ian Aizman – priest
Ari Dorfman – priest
Peter Windahl – priest
Steve Law – priest
Matt Pankratz – priest
Jon DeVos
Peter Windahl
Kevin Bjork
Jane Bjork
Brody Bjork
Drew Bjork
Carly Bjork
John DeVos
Tim Dulas
Gene Haman
Jeanne Haman
Jeanie Hill
Esther Hill
Linda Jacobsen
Peder Jacobson
Ian Jacobson
Rian Jacobsen
Gavyn Jacobsen
Kahleya Jacobson
Jill Mahoney
Crystal Mahoney
Sara Mahoney
Mark Peterson
Gerard Pierre
Lori Stein
Nate Stein
Anthony Thomas
Audrey Thomas
Peter Windahl
T Windahl


Production Services:
Egypt Fixer Productions
The Film Maker Company

Line Producers:
Rick Garside
Ramy Romany

Ramy Romany
Jack Tankard
Timothy P. Mahoney

Aaron Sen
Ross Patterson
Andrew Ross
Ditas Rohl

Location Sound Recording:
Greg Hill
David Wessner

Still Photography:
Rick Garside
Timothy P. Mahoney
Ramy Romany
David Rohl
Ditas Rohl
Titus Kennedy


Mud Bricks:
Ahmed Aly
Kamal El Sayed

Boat Operators:
Moustafa Roshdi
Sobhi Mohamed

Soccer Family:
Isaac Ryad


Israel Production Coordination:
Biblical Productions:
Sharon Schaveet
Esty Altshul
Chalil Company

Timothy P. Mahoney
Miles Hanon
Yoram Millo

Ayman Abu Abu Ramouz
Jill Mahoney

Location Sound Recording:
Simson Yanai

Production Assistants:
Jill Mahoney
Marie Möller

Still Photography:
Pierre Terdjman
Jill Mahoney

Abraham Lehali – Joseph
Salah Abu Sina – Jacob
Jaol Noovaldeeen Jaber – young Moses
Gmaan Farah – old Moses
Odeh Mohamed Hassan Jhalin – Egyptian scribe, Ipuwer
Omar Jhahalin – Egyptian taskmaster
Mohamed Abu Dhahoh
Yusef Jhahalil
Yusef Abu Dhahoh
Mickey Rifiac
Sahbed Ahmad Mohamed
Ahmed Ahmed Jhalin
Abdu Ahmad
Chalil Company actors


Timothy P. Mahoney
Jack Tankard
Crawford Teller

Production Management:
Malcolm Turner, CTA
Dolf van de Vegte, Family 7

Production Services:
Spark Productions UK

Still Photography:
Jill Mahoney
Timothy P. Mahoney

Orchestra, Choir & Ethnic Music:
Concert and Media KFT
Studio 22, Budapest, Hungary

Budapest Film Orchestra

Mr. Gábor Bohus

Symphony Conductor:
Jonathan David Neal

Music Coordinator:
Mr. Csaba Lokös

Budapest Film Choir

Choir Conductor:
Mr. Péter Drucker

Ethnic Soloists
Kálmán Balogh

Ethnic Percussion:
András Dés

Kaval, Gadulka:
András Monori

Bea Palya

Violin Soloist:
Rhys Buchele

Production Assistants:
Miss Maria Bakó
Miss Hajni Vedres

Recording Engineer:
Tim Jaquette

Orchestrations by:
Jonathan David Neal
Tim Doran

Technical Assistants:
Mr. Sándor Vesszös
Mr. Dénes Rédly

Music Preparation & Copying:
Tim Doran
Scott Douglas
Craig Ware
Miss Xénia Stollár

Miss Csilla Zsilavecz

Pre-Mix, Sound Effects, ADR & Recording:
Easy Street Studios

Sound Engineers:
Greg Hill
Paul Miller

Supervising Sound Editor:
Bart Gavigan

Music Editors:
Tim Jaquette
Jonathan David Neal

Mixed & Dubbed at:
Citrus College, Glendora, CA

Re-Recording Engineer & Final Mix:
Tim Jaquette

ADR Mixer:
Michael Caudle

Additional Music:

“Inner Voices”
From Inner Voices by R. Carlos Nakai
Courtesy of Canyon Records
3131 West Clarendon Avenue
Phoenix, Arizona 85017
All rights reserved.

Sound Mix Assistant:
Luke Krist

Terry Elliot – Violin
Solveg Peterson – Cello
Sarah Bertsch – Violin

Soundtrack Available at:

Character Voices:
Egyptian scribe, Ipuwer – Alan Johnson
Alan Gardiner – Nicholas Brown

Also Appearing:
Salah El Masekh
Vincent Bugliosi
Richard Dawkins
Jingwen Shi
Lennart Möller
Joel Kramer
Eric Axley

Color Correction:
Crash + Sues:
Colorist – Sue Lakso

Ancient Maps Provided by:
Dr. Glen Fritz
Dr. Lennart Möller

Archival Research:
Peter Windahl
Steve Law

Jerry W. Lindberg
Sue M. Olson
Zach Windahl
Pearl Rader
Gina Hanson
Jaimee Greene
Heidi Law
Stacy Rios
David Dobberfuhl
Sara Dobberfuhl
Lisa Batdorf
Rachel Russ
Nancy Carpenter

Archival Footage & Photography Provided by:
Film Clips from The Ten Commandments
Courtesy of Paramount Pictures
Copyright © 1923 Paramount Pictures
Austrian Archaeological Institute
University College, London
Palestinian Exploration Fund
T3 Media
Luddeni Archaeological Photography
Francis Dzikowski, copyright Theban Mapping Project
David Rohl
Keith Woods
National Museum of Antiquities, Leiden The Netherlands
Collections of the Library of Congress
Jonathan Kent
Martin Severin
The estate of Professor Carl Watzinger in Tubingen, reproduced with the kind permission of Prof. Dr. Thomas Schäfer, University of Tübingen, Institute of Classical Archaeology“ Menachem Brody: Identification & Restoration

Additional Footage & Photography Provided by:
Mahoney Media Group, Inc.
David Down
James Hoffmeier
Titus Kennedy

Museums, Universities & Schools:
Luxor Museum
The Megiddo Expedition and Excavators
The Griffith Institute, Oxford University
Trinity College Bristol
Tel Aviv University
Leiden Museum
Chabad-Lubavitch House, St. Paul
Edina Public Schools
James J. Hill House
James J. Hill Library
University of Northwestern, St. Paul

Production Equipment:
Alpha Video and Audio
American Pro Audio
Cinequipt, Inc.
Z Systems
Lights On

Business Management & Bookkeeping:
Diane Walker

Administrative Assistants: Crystal Mahoney
Lisa Batdorf

Legal & Consulting Services:
CEO Solutions
Frenzel Law
John Logigian

Production Insurance:
Associated Insurance Agents Inc.

Public Relations and Social Media
Kevin O’Neill
Karen Fullerton
Martin Koistinen

Web Development and Promotional Materials:
Kevin O’Neill
Martin Koistinen

All Bible references from the Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB)

Special Thanks to:

Nicole, Isaac, Michael, Ingrid, Andrew, Karen, Molly & Jamie
Milo & Eliana
T & Zach
David, Patti & Norma
Jaimee, Kylee & Alex
Heidi, Hannah, Noah, Bethany & Rachel

Mark, Scott, Ruth, Rick, Doneetsa, Brett, Colleen, Madan

Patterns of Evidence: Exodus the book is available at:

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CMV Hagedorn
Hanno Herzler
Bettina Hahne-Waldscheck
Martin Severin
Anna Knopf
Jethro Trees

Hanno Herzler
Bettina Hahne-Waldscheck
Martin Severin

Hanno Herzler

Hanno Herzler

Dirk Schmalenbach

Dirk Schmalenbach

Patterns of Evidence LLC


Hanno Herzler – Timothy P. Mahoney

Philipp Schepmann – David Rohl

Thomas Friebe – Benjamin Netanjahu

Günter Höhfeld – Schimon Peres

Stefan Müller-Ruppert – Israel Finkelstein

Tobias Schuffenhauer – Norma Franklin

Chantal Kleinschmidt – Michael Medved

Benjamin Bauerdick – Radioansager

Kai Rinsland – Rabbi David Wolpe

Tobias Schuffenhauer – James K. Hoffmeier

Kai Rinsland – Mansour Boraik

Benjamin Bauerdick – Rabbi Manis Friedman

Rainer Böhm – Kent Weeks

Stephan Steinseifer – Manfred Bietak

Kai Rinsland – Charles Aling

Stephan Steinseifer – Miriam Lichtheim

Petra Herzler-Grossmann – Clyde Billington

Rainer Böhm – Bryant Wood

Stephan Steinseifer – Sir Alan Gardiner

Benjamin Bauerdick – Rabbi David Hartman

Stephan Steinseifer – Maarten Raven

Kai Rinsland – Ipuwer

Stefan Müller-Ruppert – Jonathan David Neal

Kai Rinsland
Philipp Schepmann

Bibelzitate nach: „Die Heilige Schrift“,
Übersetzung von Franz Eugen Schlachter, Version 2000,
© Copyright Genfer Bibelgesellschaft